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At IBC Tote Recycling we’re proud to offer the following used or refurbished as well New IBC Tote tanks:

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Everything You Need To Know About IBC Tote Tanks

275 Gallon IBC Tote Tanks Dimensions

40″L x 48″W x 46″H

275 Gallon

135 lbs

330 Gallon IBC Tote Tanks Dimensions

40″L x 48″W x 54″H

330 Gallons

195 lbs

Container Condition

At IBC Tote Recycling we take pride in making certain that you buy the proper Tote(s) for your particular needs.

Unrinsed IBC Tote Containers

An unrinsed tote container will have residue or contents left over from its earlier use. Of course, we fully disclose any products that were used before the container was put on the market, we want to make certain that it will suit your needs properly and safely.

Triple Rinsed IBC Containers

These are a step more sanitary overall because of the more thorough cleaning process undergone before being offered for sale. Containers that have been rinsed and refurbished by professionals using specialized equipment give you the option of using the cleanest container possible.

New Bottle

Used Bottles of course, offer a very economical way to save money and to ship or store materials. However, there are applications that demand a new bottle. Any bottle that will carry food-grade, animal-grade or any food product or application requires a new sanitary bottle. Since these have never before been used and have been sanitized as well-maintained to being offered for sale, there can be no contaminants or residue that might otherwise compromise the quality of contents making sure therefore that they are safe for consumption.

Former contents

IBC tote Container versatile and may be used in many applications, both personal and business. Containers may be used for the containment of water, glue, fertilizer, pesticides and most chemicals. They have even been used for rain barrels and as a water basin for livestock or to irrigate plants. For these reasons and others, it is important when you decide to buy a used container to understand its earlier contents as well as our intended use for it.

Unknown Content

When a container is marked unknown, it indicates that despite our efforts, we cannot determine precisely what the container previously held. This if completely discussed before sale.


Typically a label describing the container will reveal the contents previously held within it. Paints, pesticides, chemicals and other possible hazardous contents not meant for food applications will be clearly labeled as such.


Contents that were previously of food-grade do not mean that any residuals may make new contents safe for human consumption. It simply means that the former contents were of food-grade quality and may sometimes be fully sanitized

Pallet Types

The type of pallet used will also affect the cleanliness and reusability of our Totes

Metal Pallet

We prefer the pallets made from galvanized steel which have proven themselves to be extremely durable and reliable.

Plastic Pallet

Generally plastic pallets have an attractive appearance, they remain good-looking and may be reused many times.

Should you need similar tanks, IBC Tote Recycling offers a complete selection of tanks. We carry not only new totes but completely reconditioned totes as well. If the intended use is only for waste materials, we can also offer non-reconditioned industrial containers. While these have no sanitary guarantee, they may be ideal for the storage of your waste. These days, with the growing public awareness of environmental issues combined with everyone’s natural instinct to do our part in protecting our earth, contained storage such as we provide with our used IBC Totes that brings your company the perfect affordable solution.